Thoughtful and focused team communication.

Keeping up with chats and emails does not push work forward. Uninterrupted time and deep focus does. Tipi is designed to keep all teams better informed and moving, without constant pinging.

It’s free for unlimited team members, forever.

Productivity should mean making stuff.
Not “Hey have you seen Fwd: Re: James’s feedback”
Tipi was born from understanding that being always
does not make us more productive. Teams doing work that requires focus or creativity can get a lot more done and push work forward if everyone can control when and how they get information. And it must be relevant, meaningful and discoverable.
Information without noise
Overview is the heart of Tipi. It’s your always up-to-date summary of everything that is relevant — and nothing that is not — prioritized by importance. Subscribe to rooms and threads that you want to keep an eye on. Or snooze anything for later.
Organized knowledge
Tipi is not a chat app. Information is shared and decisions are made in threads, designed to allow more meaningful discussion. Unlike chats, threads don’t scroll by quickly never to be seen again. They become self-building, searchable knowledge base.
However you work
Everyone works differently and Tipi adapts. Disconnect entirely with Focus time. Or, sure, enable all the notifications. Mobile and desktop apps allow you to be in control of when and how you want to read Tipi. It can replace all your internal email, but you can also use it entirely via email. It’s there for you — whenever you are ready, however you like it.
Grows with your team
We have built Tipi to work well with teams of different sizes. Rooms, both private and public, help form a structure that fits your company. Drag and drop file uploads, team member profiles and post pinning allows Tipi to become one place where work happens.
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Rise Vilnius

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It's free for all teams, forever.

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